© 2007-2013 Camping 2 Etoiles Camping Azilan
Rue Sidi AbdelHamid  -ChefChaouen-Maroc
Tél.(00212)539986979 E-mail.CampingChefchaouen@gmail.com
Services :

We shall guarantee you a Professional service
Of reception of 24 heurs on 24 heurs And 7 days
By semaine.en more the comping Azilan Est
Equipped with some drinking water and with
Electricity And with a connection on the net
With a good flow.Inside comping Azilan,
There is some water A cafe,Restoring
And a market.
Morrocan cooking. Unique Originality:

Can be considered as "couscous" "Aharirh" and
"tea Almnana" is a triangle of the Moroccan cooking
incontested. This cooking,which popularized Arabs,
and of world reputation for its meal and unique flats
- the first bear - a combination of the Moroccan nature
and Arabic and Berber,And what is symbolized by the
symbols of the hospitality is not the first one and not
not Last one. The restaurant offers only flats Moroccan
which are characterized by the quality and the perfection, 
Supported by Housewives by taking into account all the
sanitary conditions settle.The restaurant is built on a
vast territory divided into two parts the one covered
(better eat in winter) and the other one outdoors,
in the Tower of the nature and the landscape,
the biggest prosperity

The Safety(Security):

As regards the sector of the securityThis city
is quiet and safe. In the comping Azilan
Possède a professional team of security
Which you guaranteed the peace dices your
arrived at your departure.The comping Azilan
adapts criteria of security Of high levels
against the accidents. 
24h  and 7days / 7days
          all year
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For camper, tents
and caravans
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